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8 days after, a performance by Koho Mori-Newton 

General Public Berlin, Germany 2007

This video performance was made at General Public in Berlin during my solo art show from 19th to 26th Mai, 2007. From 3 pm to 6 pm every day, I performed alone in the gallery space and recorded a video of my body performance of 60-minutes in length. I did not make use of editing programs with a computer or other devices but simply created different scenes on the same video one after the other. During the performance, I would intermittently erase any given scene by performing a new scene over it, depending on my personal preference. The gallery had two rooms opened next to each other so I decided to place the video camera in a position at one end in order to view both rooms.

Each performance begins and ends with my own action of pressing the ‘record’ or ‘stop’ button. In between these recordings I walk to the second room with its red wool carpet in the center, take off my shoes, walk onto the red carpet, move my body somehow, then put on my shoes again. Obviously, the camera records me each time from my backside. The distance from the camera to the red carpet is about 9 footsteps. To take off and put on my shoes before stepping onto the red carpet is a very important element of this performance. My movements on the red carpet are purposefully very simple and repetitive. Each performance is about 1 to 3 minutes.

My intention in this performance is to examine the 'doing of something' and the meaning of ‘doing it' by making repetitive body movements. Koho Mori-Newton

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